Because I am not a licensed professional I cannot accept insurance. Despite being recognized and supported through the governing bodies that be these healing practices and traditions are inherently ours to have access to. For that reason I have alternative payment options and will not turn anyone away for a lack of funds.

It is important to me that all that wish to commit to the change process in their life can find the tools to do so. To make rates for affordable to those who may not otherwise be able to receive service I offer a sliding scale. This is something we will specifically address if it applies to you. The sliding scale is based on your annual income. I am also open to barters & trades – be that bodywork, art, homegrown food stuffs and beyond.

My rates are based on the average charge of practitioners in the area and my experience in practice. I assess my rates annually; please be aware that they may rise if I see that fit. I will let you know if this is the case before we proceed.

Payments are expected to be made within 24 hours or at the time of our session.

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Suggested Payment according to your Income for Sessions:

Lowest end of the scale – $30,000 and under

Middle of the scale – $40,000-$75,000

Higher end of the scale – $80,000-$100,000