Dreams as a doorway in…

What is dreamwork?

Working with dreams invites us to access what typically is hidden from the conscious mind. There is a rich and deep intelligence within dreams; one that we can partner with, learn from and take steps to change our everyday lives. Dreamwork provides a foundation for self-development and soul encounter. In this particular method the dreamer learns a practical step by step way to understand their own symbolism. Swami Radha says “The yogic method of working with dreams emphasizes independence and stresses understanding ourselves as individuals. Our dreams are our own creations, and as we study them we learn our personal language of the unconscious.”

What will we do together?

In our work together you will bring a dream, or dreams, that call out to you. I will accompany you through the method, going through all the steps so you have a chance to unlock the potency of your own dreams message. There are many doors in, through symbol, setting, feeling tone, people, to name a few. We will explore the dream in detail, with presence and curiosity. You will leave the session with a grounded application, something you can do in your waking life to respect the message of your dreaming mind.

Sessions have via phone or telehealth. They range from 45 minutes – 1.5hours. Prices range from $50-100.

Together we can
  • learn a method you can take with you through all of your dreams
  • deepen into the world of symbol & metaphor
  • tend to feelings from the past that have carried forward
  • receive insight and guidance
  • cultivate a fruitful relationship within