Welcome! I’m glad you are here.

I’m Julie MacAdam.

I am a somatic therapist and educator, dreamworker, expressive arts practitioner and teacher of yoga. I prefer she or they pronouns.

For nearly two decades I have been learning and and offering one-to-one sessions and group work in support of befriending consciousness, self, body, and world.

My approach is embedded with reverence and playful curiosity. It is a relational, non-hierarchical, and an unfolding process. Together, we sense, attune and honor the bodies intelligence. We connect with our hearts, the creative arts and our living breathing world.

There are many things I have gratitude for, here are a few: stones, stars, bodies, dance, free movement, breath, sighing, improvisational living and creating, dreaming, laughter and tears, serendipity, permission to not know, poetry, and practicing being human.