Leading Ethics
  • Perspective shifting from either/or to both/and, so you can embrace more your life with increased capacity.
  • Befriending the body, sensations, feelings, and the world outside so you can feel capable of staying present with what is happening moment to moment.
  • Addressing life creatively and welcoming support, so you can know the resources within yourself and and experience shifts.
  • Working slowly, with thorough attentiveness, so you don’t have to have a dramatic change to recognize newness.

I dream of a world where problems don’t cease to exist nor are ignored, a world where complicated is renounced and complexity embraced, a world where we each have an embodied flexibility to meet challenges with awareness, focus, and creativity.

I look to create strong foundations and expanded containers of resiliency, agency, and choice. Awareness is the key.

I believe that it is through the deep listening to how one has been shaped – patterns, themes, challenges, resources, inheritance, and more – that one can gain perspective engendering shifts on the emotional, behavioral, physical, and soul seated levels.

I trust other ways of knowing, through art-making, play, ritual, and dreams. I trust the bodies story. I trust slow-cooked time. I trust presence.

I recognize that getting to the heart of the matter is important and that patterns often know more about their reasons for existing more than we may know ourselves. I honor the speed of permission.

I offer you presence, inquiry, practices, and years of experience that give you back to yourself, letting your insights be yours so you develop sovereignty and freedom.

Healing, or as I call it, integration, is not a finished product that can be neatly packaged and checked off the list. It is a process – sometimes messy, chaotic; sometimes exalted, joyful. Sometimes both.

More than anything, it is yours.