We can work together to create shifts partnering with practices of Yoga, herbalism, somatic experiencing & the arts. You get to choose what calls to you and feels most supportive at this time.

We will move slowly, gently and attentively in consort with the deep wisdom of body – yielding, listening, being guided. The unconscious material of the psyche will be honored as well as your story and experience. The long-standing intelligence of plants and the power of practices can be allies in our exploration.

Because I am unable to accept insurance I offer what I call Pay from the Heart. This means you pay what you can based on two things: your financial situation and the value placed on what you receive. I will share a typical price range and you decide what is feasible. It is welcomed to pay both below and above what is suggested. I also welcome trades & barters – be that bodywork, art, homegrown food stuffs and beyond. I am most open to speaking about what might be possible!