Because I am unable to accept insurance I offer what I call Pay from the Heart. This means you pay what you can based on two things: your financial situation and the value placed on what you receive. I will share a typical price range and you decide what is feasible. It is welcomed to pay both below and above what is suggested.

Please use my calendly account to book sessions! Calendly – julie macadam

Private Yoga Sessions Private Yoga lessons offer you the opportunity to meet the unique needs of your bodymind and current understanding of Yoga. Sessions can go beyond the physical practice and also include mantra, breathing exercises, meditation instruction, and other aspects of the Yogic path. If you have experience with Yoga and want to go deeper, or are new to the practice and want to create a foundation, private sessions may be supportive to taking the next step.

Private sessions are currently available via Zoom or in person. Prices range from $55-120/hour.

Herbal Consultations During an herbal consultation the focus and intention is supporting your health goals and the process of moving towards them. I offer input based on my education and experience with medicinal herbs as well as nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, and bodymind practices such as Yoga.

In the first consultation, which is anywhere from 1.5-2hrs we will speak thoroughly of what you hope to receive, your current state, and where you’d like to see shifts. We comprehensively discuss body systems and mental emotional experiences; the choice of what to disclose or keep personal is always yours. Recommendations are made and follow-up consultations range from 30minutes-1hr.

Herbal consultations are available via Zoom, phone or in person. Prices range from $55-120 for initial consultation and $35-60 for follow ups.

Somatic Consultations During a somatic consultation we will focus together to track inwardly, increase capacity for a variety of sensate experience, build resilience, and discharge bound fight, flight, and freeze responses. You can either bring an ‘event’ or come just as you are.

These are PRACTICE sessions. Donations are accepted. [I can give a typical range]

Expressive Art Exploration Interested in Art as medicine? The body as a gateway for embodiment, insight, and healing? Meeting the bodymind and its stories through the lens of expressive art is revealing and empowering…whether it be poetics, story writing, drawing, painting, dance, or sound. During our time together we may explore body mapping as a way to relate to each body part directly or we may focus attention on a specific body part that beckons. The art form can be chosen by you with encouragement to move towards what you wouldn’t typically tend towards as well.

These are PRACTICE sessions. Donations are accepted. [I can give a typical range]

Massage As a keeper of memory, tension, potential, and guidance the body deserves to be touched in ways that feels consensual, caring and nurturing. I practice hot stone massage, ayurvedic abhyanga, and thai yoga bodywork to support the relief of holding patterns, nourish, and soothe.

Prices range from $55-120/session.

All rolled into one Start with what you wish to give attention to. Anxiety? Digestive challenges? Low energy? We will address your concerns together utilizing all the tools in the toolbox – lifestyle changes, herbal remedies, yoga asanas, breathing exercises, and more! These sessions are client lead and education is used as an aid for deeper understanding and choice points for transformation.

The first session will be anywhere from 1.5-2hrs. We will thoroughly discuss your concerns and hopes regarding where you want to see change. During this session there will be time for inner focusing, question and answer, education, and practice.

Receive the gift of a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if we are a good fit!

Available in person or via zoom. Prices range from $55-120/session.