Gain insight into your life’s challenges and understand yourself honestly through creating or building upon a relationship with your dreams.

Learn tools to stay regulated in your nervous system, present in your body, and meet all that life has to offer with choice, sovereignty, and resourcefulness.

Allow the creative process to support your discovery, transformation, and continued emergence. No artistic experience is needed.

If you are interested in experiencing yourself in present time, and returning to the body as a place of safety and intelligence, I can guide you.

If you are interested in going into the depths, and taking your inner experience and making it visible and knowable, I will meet you in your seeking and revealing.

If you are interested creating art for arts sake, not for the sake of production, or making something “good”, I will accompany you in the creative process.

If you are interested in how awareness, the body, and arts can give you tools to transform, then let’s work together!