Somatic consultations primarily focus on tracking inwardly and being with the bodies internal sensate experience. Unlike top-down therapeutic processes, with the body on board, we don’t so much need to ‘know’ or understand.

The invitation is to feel, yield to and be with what arises moment to moment. We will also be curious what gets in the way of that.

If it beckons, we will use the support of different art mediums – story writing, poetics, drawing, dance – to deepen the confrontation, release, and integration cycles.

I will be drawing from my training in Somatic Experiencing, Tamalpa as well as Yoga. You can either bring an ‘event’ or come just as you are.

These are PRACTICE sessions. Meaning, I have not yet fully completed Tamalpa & SE. Sessions can happen via Zoom or in person.

Together we can:

attend to past traumatic events that feel “stuck” in the body

confront our body stories, change & release

attune to sensate experience & deepen embodiment

regulate the nervous system

separate what happened then from now

increase self-regulation & orienting

release & integrate thwarted fight, freeze & flee responses

become resourced internally & with the arts

and more.