Thanks to Julie’s encouragement and faith in the wisdom of my body, I started finding my own ways of relating to my nervous system’s responses, and perhaps most importantly, I increased my capacity for comfort and pleasure. Julie’s understanding of nervous systems and her patient compassion earned my trust almost immediately. She truly has a gift as a practitioner.”
Together We Can
  • attend to past traumatic events that feel “stuck” in the body
  • confront our body stories, change & release
  • attune to sensate experience & deepen embodiment
  • regulate the nervous system
  • separate what happened then from now
  • increase self-regulation & orienting
  • release & integrate thwarted fight, freeze & flee responses
  • become resourced internally & with the arts
  • and more.
What is Somatic Experiencing?

Somatic Experiencing is model that focuses on bridging the body and mind. It is well-respected and known for supporting the renegotiation of trauma and cultivating nervous system flexibility. The primarily focus is on tracking inwardly and being present to the bodies sensational experience. Unlike more traditional therapeutic processes, with the body on board, we don’t so much need to ‘know’ or understand. Instead, we give the body a voice and listen. The invitation is to feel, yield to, and be with what arises moment to moment, receiving the bodies cues as information.

This model heeds to the bodies innate wisdom and intelligence. When we are able to feel states of hyper or hypo arousal, to track and trust, we participate in the discharge of bound energy we often work so hard to keep at bay and the organization of what remains follows. We can open to spaces of what feels OK, perhaps even pleasurable. Often, and over time, we are left with more capacity, flow and physiological resilience. It does take time.

What will we do Together?

We work with what is not necessarily “sensible” to the linear or logical mind. Our curiosity is about the bodies story, the story of the nervous system, the different layers and levels of consciousness, and slowing this all way down. This setting of pace can allow for things to surface that may not ordinarily if we use the mechanisms of mind. Through these surfacing’s, connection points can be made that might not otherwise, lending themselves to meaning making and poignant insight.

Sessions happen via teleheath. Prices range from $85-140 per session. Sessions are 55 minutes.