Hear from others; experience for yourself.

It is always a joy to be guided by Julie. Her deep personal practice and experience teaching are clear to see. I feel held within the space she creates. – Hazel, Ireland

“Thanks to Julie’s encouragement and faith in the wisdom of my body, I started finding my own ways of relating to my nervous system’s responses, and perhaps most importantly, I increased my capacity for comfort and pleasure. Julie’s understanding of nervous systems and her patient compassion earned my trust almost immediately.Emily, California

“Julie as a guide creates an amazing safe, compassionate space, where I can feel free and supported doing the work.”

“Julie is a calm and gentle guide who offers such warmth and precision to guide, hold, and mold the precious intention of coming home. She is attentive to the whole as well as whispers of becoming in the liminal spaces that creates an inviting and relaxed environment. I wholeheartedly know that this work is miraculous and practical.” – Victoria, Montana

Julie has a presence and an energy that I can feel. I trust her and feel connected to her. She expands my view of my practice and introduces me to new things. Julie asks things of her students, but doesn’t judge, helping us to learn, develop and grow. After a session with Julie I feel relaxed and calm, but also strong and energized and refreshed. I would highly recommend Julie to others because she is respectful and inspirational. Julie has a passion for teaching and shares her knowledge with students so we can try to achieve the same benefits she does. ” – Kim K., Vermont

I have really enjoyed yoga classes with Julie. Her experience and devotion is very present, almost tangible. It is not just a physical exercise for the body, it is refreshment for the soul. – Elina, Latvia

Julie’s Mindful Movement class was an absolutely perfect balance of meditation and movement that left me feeling grounded, centered, and inspired after each session. Julie has “done her work.”  She is not teaching Yoga as an exercise method, but is truly inspired to dive deeper into the path of Yoga and awareness. Julie’s classes embrace the space between, and Julie’s ease with silence gives rise to a true depth and space for meditation. ” – Paula, Vermont

After a stressful day I found Julies’ class to be a time of reflection and renewal for my body and mind. I liked the focus on mindfulness and breathing and using the opportunity to coax my body to some new limits. Julie provides a safe and accepting space while encouraging us to push our own edges. It was a good combination that nurtured growth. I’m so grateful that you provided this gift to us.” – Diane, Vermont

“I LOVE her approach to practice and have benefitted mightily from her gentle instruction.” – Linda, California