The body is central to the work that we will do together. Take a moment and think why it is important to you. Here are a few reasons why I prioritize the body in sessions.

The body knows and remembers what the mind sometimes cannot.

It has a story that can differ from the mind; one that we can be curious about and listen to.

It is with us everyday, we move around with it, live inside of it.

Illness can come from ignoring the body.

Some things the body remembers is not available to the mind. It comes from a time before cognition, before language. The body can bring forward what is not otherwise consciously available.

It houses the nervous system, another highly intelligent system.

It is a doorway to embodiment, to presence, to memory, to pleasure, to fundamental existence.

The mind can walk in circles; the body doesn’t justify or rationalize. It is honest.

Before making sense of things, we have sensation.

It is changeable, fluid, and we can tangibly see shifts.

It has mystery, intuitive knowing.

It is a way to connect beyond perceived borders and differences; we can share with other sentient beings through the bodies felt sense.

We can stretch into past, present, and future.

There are political and social implications.

What would you add?