Do you long to deepen trust in your bodies wisdom and innate capacity?

Do you want to cultivate inner resource and resiliency?

Do you want to give yourself time and space to feel, rest, and discover?

Welcome! I am Julie MacAdam. I am a Yoga teacher, clinical herbalist, somatic practitioner, and artist. My work in the world is trauma-informed, respectful of both the conscious and unconscious, and a dynamic interplay between embodiment, the arts, feeling, and expressing.

For over a decade I have been teaching and learning Yoga, herbalism, and body-based healing modalities. I blend my passions together to offer classes, workshops, private lessons and consultations for all bodies in support of nervous system health, the renegotiation of trauma, and building physiological resilience.

My approach as a teacher and practitioner is to bear witness, support, and maintain curiosity. Through education, presence, and care I aim to create space for your personal understanding, growth, and insight. That way, you can become confident in caring for your whole self and move through life with a greater sense of ease, flexibility, and fulfillment.

Mindfulness and reverence are the foundation of my work, and it starts right where you are. Together, with curiosity, we sense, feel, make meaning and honor the bodies intelligence. We connect with ourselves, the arts, and our living breathing world.

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It would be my deep honor to support your healing journey.

Julie has a presence and an energy that I can feel. I trust her and feel connected to her. She expands my view of my practice. Julie asks things of her students, but doesn’t judge, helping us to learn, develop and grow. I would highly recommend Julie to others because she is respectful and inspirational. She has a passion and shares that knowledge with others.” – Kim K., Vermont

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