Do you long to feel at home in your body? In your landscape?

Do you want to cultivate inner resources and resiliency?

Hello! I am Julie [Jay] MacAdam. [she/they]

I am a Yoga teacher, somatic practitioner, clinical herbalist, and writer.

I blend my passions together to offer classes, workshops, private lessons, and consultations for all bodies.

Mindfulness and reverence are the foundation of my work and it starts right where you are.

Julie has “done her work.”  She is not teaching Yoga as an exercise method, but is truly inspired to dive deeper into the path of Yoga and awareness. Julie’s classes embrace the space between, and Julie’s ease with silence gives rise to a true depth and space for meditation.” – Paula, VT

Are you wanting to learn about Yoga and haven’t tried it before? Perhaps you know it well and want to take another step. Maybe you want support from plants or to know how to make your own medicine. Don’t hesitate to reach out if so. Subscribe to my monthly newsletter where I share meditations, practices, herbal remedies, poetry and more!

Find more about my intent towards financial accessibility in the services and schedule sections.


The Power of Words to Inspire

Start with gratitude

What is in that creates a space for connection? Is it not the space itself that breeds a longing, a desire to reach out, to touch and be touched, to re-affirm what already was, is, Read more…

In a field beyond

She, she wants to be loved, wants to be seen, to be included. She longs for arms to wrap around her so she may disappear into a full embrace and find what forgetting feels like, Read more…


Reverence: a state of holding high regard for something or someone. How can we bring into our practice a connection to this type of elated respect…for our bodies, for our minds, for our beings? That Read more…

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