Do you long to feel at home in your body? In your landscape?

Are you curious to discover and embrace your full potential?

Do you wish to cultivate inner strength and health in a way most authentic to who YOU are?

I’m Julie MacAdam, a Yoga teacher and herbalist with over a decade of experience and 10,000 plus hours of personal practice, but, who’s counting?

Julie has a presence and an energy that I can feel. I trust her and feel connected to her. She expands my view of my practice and introduces me to new things. Julie asks things of her students, but doesn’t judge, helping us to learn, develop and grow.
After a session with Julie I feel relaxed and calm, but also strong and energized and refreshed.
I would highly recommend Julie to others because she is respectful and inspirational. Julie has a passion for teaching and shares her knowledge with students so we can try to achieve the same benefits she does.
” – Kim K., VT

Are you wanting to go deeper with Yoga or start a practice? Don’t hesitate to reach out if so. Ask questions. Come to the answers yourself with the help of a private lesson or joining a class…because we all can use help sometimes to take the next step.


The Power of Words to Inspire & Inquire

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Body Story

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Looking foward to hearing from you


Montpelier, VT

Contact me directly with any inquiries. :)

   Blessings & Light