Life isn't fixed & you don't have to fix it.

A process oriented approach to dreamwork, embodiment & the arts.

The return to authenticity and belonging starts here.

Dreams as messengers. As containers of love. As an invitation to be known honestly. As a path towards reclamation. As a way to finish the unfinished business.

Body as container and connector for and with all things. Body that knows what is beyond language and still speaks. Body that has its own story, that can be tended, encouraged, cared for…that can be home.

Art as the shared language of dream. As a way to take what is inside and make it visible. As a way to connect with creativity and creative potential. As an agent of transformation.

Because sometimes it isn’t about figuring things out. 

It is about being with, being seen and feeling what is ready to be felt.

If you have a sense your body needs attention, have insight but remain stuck in patterns, or have experienced an impasse in more traditional therapeutic spaces, let’s connect.

Let this be the start of something different.

The start of embracing all that you are and can be.


This work is an offering of what I believe can transform lives – experiencing peace with living in a body and all that emerges therein, tending our personal and collective woundedness with loveliness and care, embracing other ways of knowing and being, and recognizing of our innate embeddedness to each other, our kin, and this earth.

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing relieves the symptoms of trauma, increases nervous system flexibility and attunement, and supports your connection with your vital, authentic selves. The primary focus is supporting the renegotiation of thwarted survival energy.


I will accompany you through your dreams and the feelings they hold, the symbols, settings, and people. With presence and curiosity, we inquire deeply and create spaces for revelation so you have a chance to unlock the potency of your dreams gift. You will leave the session with a grounded application, something you can do in your waking life to honor the dream.

Expressive Arts

Movement-based expressive arts are a way of coming to know oneself, story, and potential through the creative art process. By tracking inwardly on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of awareness, we gain material for our written, moving, and visual expression.

Meet julie

Julie MacAdam is a somatic therapist and educator who specializes in trauma renegotiation with the help of dreams, the body and intricate nervous system, and the creative arts. She is also a yoga teacher and community and clinical herbalist.

Julie believes that healing is an ongoing, moment-to-moment, process that can be supported with the heart posture of presence and attunement. She supports people to have expanded flexibility and choice and creates space for other ways of knowing. She believes we each can feel capable and confident to live artfully with our whole selves, wound included.

She brings over a decade of experience and training in nervous system physiology and education, the creative arts process and praxis, yoga and breathwork, and community and clinical herbalism to offer inclusive, inquisitive, person-centered care.

Julie MacAdam


“This work is homecoming. I feel such immense gratitude for the container Julie holds and how she consciously, actively weaves this container for me and with me. To work together with Julie is a sincere relief as the real time integration happening is instant. So grateful for the calm, curious, and intelligent, sincere disposition she embodies. It is well received."
Victoria, Reiki master
"Working with Julie was game changing, and the missing ingredient in my healing process. Time and time again, Julie ventured into the depths of my wounds with me compassionately, at the right time, knowing how deep to go, how to relate to what came up through the body, and helped me find a deeper embodied senses of resolution and peace than I had experienced in a very long time. By the end of each session, I felt reassured in my body and a greater sense of empowerment in handling the inevitable stressors of life."
Emily, somatic movement coach
"Julie is a grounding force as I explore my dreams, anxieties, and over analytical mind. She has, many times, guided me inwards to a place where I exist in multitudes. Julie keeps watch as I lower myself into a well of my traumas, and she reminds me that I am here, she is here, and I can come up for air whenever I need to. She is attentive, wise, and empathetic. I have much respect, admiration, and appreciation for her practice. I have felt more authentic, and life has been more joyful with the self-understanding and wisdom I have gained."
sam, graduate student
"Julie taught me nervous system literacy, and equipped with that literacy, so much of my life changed. Her understanding of nervous systems and her patient compassion earned my trust almost immediately. She truly has a gift."
“Working with Julie has been such a valuable experience. I had no idea that dreamwork could be such a window into my day to day patterns and conditioning. Julie so expertly and compassionately guides me to the gold. I understand now how much dreams have to offer us, and how much medicine is available in them. Julie is such a skilled practitioner and it is so clear that she loves this work, making her sessions all the more potent. I so highly recommend working with her!”
emilia, massage therapist
"Julie is a sunshine beaming on the water. Working with her is working with soul. She brings a rare level of depth and listening. Julie’s commitment to community development through the written word, movement, and image, as well as her work with dreams, offers a crystalline perspective. This perspective includes an edge of continued learning and commitment to the earth and all bodies. She ares about us. I am lucky to know and learn with her, and you would be too."
Sarah-Luella Baker, Heart Marrow
"Working with Julie over a few years supports me in understanding the wisdom and power of the body and nervous system. By exploring both past and present moments my capacity for deeper self-awareness and ability to nurture myself through my most stressful moments has improved so much. If you struggle with feelings of anxiety, racing thoughts, feeling trapped in your thought patterns, or plagued with indecision, I highly recommend working with Julie, the world of your body is available to you and it has many lessons."
Mary, environmental analyst
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