Time and time again, Julie ventured into the depths of my wounds with me compassionately, at the right time, knowing how deep to go, how to relate to what came up through the body, helping me find a deeper embodied sense of resolution and peace than I had experienced in a very long time.” – Emily, CA

Welcome! I’m Julie MacAdam. I am a movement-based expressive arts practitioner, somatic & yoga educator, and dream enthusiast. My work in the world is trauma informed and respectful of the conscious and unconscious.

For a decade plus I have been learning and teaching at studios, schools, and higher education. I blend my passions together to offer classes, workshops, and one-to-one sessions in support of befriending the unconscious, self, body, and world.

My approach is embedded with safety, reverence, and playful curiosity. Together, we sense, feel, make meaning, and honor the bodies intelligence. We connect with ourselves, the arts, and our living breathing world.

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It would be my honor to accompany you on your inner exploration.

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