Julie MacAdam

'tend to your heart'

9-Week Foundation Program 

The 9-week foundation program is where we will begin working together. It gives you an opportunity to explore multiple modalities over the course of the 9 weeks. It is designed offer you tools that will last a lifetime. It includes a thorough intake session where you identify what you’d like support with. That is followed by 8-weeks of 1-1 sessions that are 55 minutes long.

It includes:

  • intake consultation
  • titrated trauma intake
  • weekly or bi-weekly sessions
  • email contact
  • at-home practices
  • trauma renegotiation
  • nervous system psychoeducation and tools for regulation
  • boundary work
  • dream method & dreamwork
  • creative expression prompts
  • herbal and dietary recommendations
  • lifestyle considerations
  • ways to engage in ritual
  • self-reflection questions
  • breathing, meditation, and movement practices
  • referrals to a web of skilled practitioners

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