“Julie as a guide creates an amazing safe, compassionate space, where I can feel free and supported doing the work.”
Together We Can
  • learn about ourselves as people by learning about how we create
  • see how habituated movements in the body relate to habituated emotional reactions and introduce other movement repertoires
  • discover the story that the body holds
  • artfully and creatively meet the challenges that life is offering
  • give voice to what otherwise may stay silent
  • gain creative resources and outlets
What is this Work?

Movement-based expressive arts is a way of coming to know oneself, story, and potential through the creative art process. By tracking inwardly, on the physical, mental, and emotional levels of awareness, we gain material for our written, moving, and visual expression.

What happens in our lives, as well as in our bodies, becomes quite literally the color, symbol, word, and texture on the page. Our pieces become a way to take what is inside and make it visible; we can then relate to it and ourselves from another perspective.

We can express what may otherwise be difficult to do so creatively and courageously.

What is a Session like?

Each session will begin with a check in – what is happening, what are you aware of, what is troubling you you want to know more about? Then, we begin to relate to this material through other ways of knowing. We draw the situation, we write a story or poem about it, we dance the drawings or the story. We bring what is on the page into express and track what insights arise. We give space to discover. After drawing, movement, writing, there is a ‘check out’ period where at home practices are suggested to continue the work.

Sessions happen via telehealth and are 55 minutes. Prices range from $85-140 per session. Longer sessions can be requested.

“The body is living art. Your movement through time and space is art. A painter has brushes. You have your body.”

– Anna Halprin