I provide a container for your personal exploration, bodymind integration, and the depth of awareness and insight that these practices can evoke.

One of my teachers once said to me, “when you turn the volume up, you turn it up on everything.”

The volume of my life was high and for a long time I lived trying to escape that loudness. Life felt overwhelming, bombarding to my senses, and quite intolerable to exist within. I didn’t know how to be present and as much as my exiting strategies freed me from the immediacy of pain, it also kept away joy. To be here, I’ve had to learn how to be with paradox, luckily there are ways, and you can too.

These ways started as my literal lifelines, my plea for reconciliation and safety. They then became my ‘me-search’ and eventually became what I have dedicated thousands of hours to studying, learning and unlearning. They, too, are what lives at the center for me: relationality, paradox, and curiosity; this non-binary, non-dual approach to living life in the moment.

I don’t believe these ways are effective, I know they are. They aren’t instantaneous, they don’t take away pain, and they aren’t fantastical and full of false hope. They are functional, multi-dimensional, creative, and empowering. Given time, they have given me the resources to celebrate all of life.