I teach from my love of practice and the sincere desire to offer to others what has transformed my own life.

As a teacher I aim to provide a safe environment for personal exploration, bodymind integration, and the depth of awareness and insight that the practices can evoke.

For years I suffered with the challenges of an eating disorder, depression, and addiction. I felt disconnected from my body, from my tenderness, and from my own ability to take care of me.

Over and over I confronted the limitations of western medicines’ attempts to correct what was the cause of my suffering. I believe this was because we were continuously pruning branches of a tree and not digging under to the roots. I often felt invisible and ‘just like the rest of them’. Something was missing but I didn’t know what.

When I turned to herbal medicine and the path of Yoga I began to slowly realize there was another way. A way that invites me to rich and deep places. A way that allows me to cultivate an internal well of compassion that can extend outward. A way that treats me like a whole, unique, and generative individual with possibility. This place is where the journey of healing happens.

I did not expect my first teacher training in 2010 at Kripalu School of Yoga to lead me on the path I have now dedicated my life to learning and teaching. But alas, it did. After training I began to teach weekly classes and offer workshops in the Northeast. Since then I have taught at various studios and have offered Yoga in schools to both students and staff members.

In 2019&2020, I completed a three month Yoga Development Course followed by the Hatha Teacher Certification at Yasodhara Ashram in British Columbia. I am forever grateful for being invited to open up what Yoga means to me and, in doing so, changing the way I practice, teach, and live.


As an herbalist I am forever a student of the plants and wild places. I graduated in 2018 from a three year clinical program at the Vermont Center of Integrative Herbalism. My teachers there embedded in me a set of strong foundational skills to be present to peoples hardships and ailments. The plants themselves have shown me their power of partnership and what it can mean to restore balance and health to the individual.

Prior to attending the clinical program at VCIH I participated in various apprenticeships. My journey began with a three month immersion at Herb Pharm in 2009. Since then I have the great opportunity to study with Brittany Wood Nickerson of Thyme Herbal, William Siff of Goldthread, and other notable teachers that have generously passed along their insight and wisdom.

What I love about herbalism is the consideration for the whole person and the way systems of the body interact and function together. The plants create space for healing to happen within and that is my intention as well. In working with others I aim to connect people to themselves, their own kind regard, and to their green community. I draw forward the intelligence of both and together we weave a tapestry of acceptance, transformation, and integration.

I stand with the practice of herbal medicine while understanding its’ complexities and history being tied to both oppression and freedom. I will continue to consider the way I practice as a container for this paradoxical set of circumstances and be mindful and respectful in the best way that I know how.

I particularly feel called to work with folks experiencing digestive and sleep challenges, anxiety, mood swings, depression, loss, and grief, and the impact of trauma.


In my life I have been blessed with many teachers, mentors, and passerby’s that influenced how I currently practice and the person I have become. By no means can this list of my studies and experiences encompass all of those people, and still, I will try. It is with deep gratitude to my beloved parents and family for the endless support and belief in my development and for making many of these experiences possible.

Yoga Studies

Kripalu School of Yoga, Stockbridge, MA, 200hr YTT

Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas, Yoga 1, 2 & 3, pranayam studies

Yasodhara Ashram, Kootenay Bay, BC, yoga development course & hatha certification

Herbal Studies

Herb Pharm, Williams, OR, herbal apprenticeship

Thyme Herbal, Amherst, MA, herbal apprenticeship

Goldthread, Conway, MA, herbal apprenticeship

Vermont Center of Integrative Herbalism, Montpelier, VT, three year clinical training program

Current Enrollments

Somatic Experiencing, online, three year professional training program

Tamalpa, online, movement-based expressive arts therapy