Let's work together to feel connected to self, other, and world.

My approach is embedded with reverence and playful curiosity. It is a relational, non-hierarchical, unfolding process that honors complexity, nuance, and slow time.

I know that some things are beyond words; that is why I work with dreams, art, and the body. I can help you learn how to relate to the language of your body and nervous system and stay present to sensations; it is my passion.

It is through listening to how one has been shaped – their wounds, patterns, themes, resources, and more – I support people to shift on emotional, behavioral, physical, and soul-seated levels.

I offer you presence, curiosity, safety, practices, and years of experience that give you back to yourself, letting your revelations be yours so you develop sovereignty and freedom.

In our work together, the speed of permission is honored and healing is tended as a process that is sometimes challenging and sometimes joyful. 

More than anything, it is yours.


I am a trauma practitioner and somatic therapist who uses dreams, the creative art process, and plants to explore a connection to self, others, and the world.

Over the years I have learned that wounds are an intrinsic part of life and it is possible to cultivate openness towards what takes place in the body. The body does not have to be feared, and that doesn’t mean that it will be free of aches and pains, or that there will be more pleasant sensations, but rather that it is possible to stay present for more. For a long time, this felt so far from anything I could experience. Now, I know it is possible.

These practices began as my life-lines when I needed them the most, they turned into what I have spent hours to learning about both theoretically and experientially, and they are now what I love to offer to others. 

Leading Ethics

  • Perspective shifting from either/or to both/and, so you can embrace more your life with increased capacity.

  • Befriending the body, sensations, feelings, and the world outside so you feel capable of staying present with what is happening from moment to moment.

  • Addressing life issues in creative and embodied ways, so you can trust the resources within yourself and experience shifts.

  • Working slowly, with thorough attentiveness, so you don’t have to have a dramatic change to recognize newness.


Kripalu School of Yoga

  •  200hr YTT

Sivananda Ashram

  • Yoga 1, 2 & 3, Pranayam (breathing exercise) studies

Yasodhara Ashram

  • 3-month yoga development course 
  • Hidden Language Hatha Yoga Certification
  • Hatha Yoga Certification

Somatic Experiencing

  •  Three-year Professional Training Program


  • RSMT(E), Movement-based Expressive Arts Therapy

Goddard College

  • Masters of Embodiment Studies with a focus on trauma, dreams, & creativity

Herb Pharm

  •  3 month Herbal Apprenticeship

Thyme Herbal

  • 1 year Herbal Apprenticeship


  • 9 month Herbal Apprenticeship

Vermont Center of Integrative Herbalism

  • Three-year Clinical Training Program

Yasodhara Ashram

  • Kundalini & Dream Certification Program 

In Vermont

  • On-going 1-1 Studies 

I dream of a world where problems don’t cease to exist nor are ignored, a world where complicated is renounced and complexity embraced, a world where we each have an embodied flexibility to meet challenges with awareness, focus, and creativity.

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