The power of choice and possibility of change.

I offer from a place of gratitude to share with others what continues to transform my world, what I stand for and with, what I know in my own bones is a balm for the wound.

I am here to provide a container for your personal exploration, bodymind integration, and the depth of awareness and insight that these practices can evoke.

Afterall, we are here to experience life. Directly.

My fascination lives at the intersection of body, symbolism, the unconscious, and the creative arts. My work as a movement-based expressive arts practitioner, somatic & yoga educator, and dream tender is where I see and feel the transformational impact of these modalities again and again.

If you are interested in going into the depths, in taking the world inside, deep inside, and making it visible and knowable, I will meet you there. I will accompany you in your seeking and revealing.

If you are interested creating art for arts sake, not for the sake of production, or making something “good”, I will accompany you in your creative process.

If you are interested in experiencing yourself in present time, from the inside out, and returning to the body again and again, I can guide you.

If you are interested in how awareness, the body, and arts can give you tools and access points to remembering fundamentally you are here, you exist, then let’s work together!

This is a celebration.

Your body is not empty.

It has its’ own story to speak,

in the language of sensation.

You are alive.

There is a world inside,

turn the senses so often out,