She dives into the sea,


by a rhythm that knows itself,

and celebrates her in being

a bride of the water,

the one who wears

her own ring,

a pearl of longing,

developed in darkness,

in the deep,

almost out of reach,

until it emerges,


She wears it proudly,

honoring the promise,

to a goddess in green dancing,

to one who wears red

poised in her own chaos,

a protector of the light,

to She cloaked in black walking her into

an unknown place

where fire towers break

and burn in a transformation.

Grace arrives

in wishing trees seeding,

soon to bear fruit,

triangles intersect,

forming something new,

elephants stomp a firm ground,

look, up! towards an open sky,

spotted with stars that speak of infinity,

as eternal as love,

that is the place

where guidance



I am.

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