No right answers

A mirror, still lake reflection, revealing myself to the one who looks; I am as I am. Life is not a test I take to get right answers; always go for C if you don’t know, that was my motto, scribble something in pencil just light enough on those wooden desks, keep the paper between […]

Fish – Matsyasana

Fish pose, evocative by name, brings to my mind fishes of all kinds, and the fishermen with poles in hand and lines casted out. I am reminded of summer time; times by the ocean in Maine where I would watch people sitting on the jetty rocks for hours waiting for what might bite the bait. […]

Cobra – Bhujangasana

Cobra pose requires that I engage in order to expand around my heart; a parallel to my life. As I am present with the freshness of each moment and aware, I realize how much I can let go by without noticing or appreciating. It is similar in cobra pose: it seems easy to forget to […]

Warrior 2 Virabhadrasana 2

In Warrior pose I reflect on what I want and what strength I need to cultivate. When I build the pose from the ground up I realize that a stable stance is necessary to rise from a centered place. Such lift requires me to meet situations straight on and be straight with myself and others […]

Tadasana Mountain Pose

In Mountain pose I come to my senses and myself. I arrive and meet myself where I am, as I am, in this place, now. I watch my mind and observe the sensations in the parts of my body and my body as a whole. I feel, I breathe, I am as everything changes. The […]