The Earth is sacred, alive, our Mother. Our bodies, a temple for the Divine to experience this life. All our relations whether they walk or fly or slither are embedded with the sacred, are mirror images of oneness having divided itself for the sake of playing, learning, evolution. How often is this remembered? How easy is it to slip into such forgetfulness that what was known, and still is somewhere, can hardly be recognized? It is like meeting a best friend from grade school as an elder and being unaware of who they truly are. That is what it’s like to forget. And yet that moment, when the gears set in motion and recall comes back, that is She!, it is undeniable, of course. It couldn’t be otherwise.

We are beings made of Light and vibration, imbued with the Great Force of the Universe, a power to be revered. Joyfully, there could be celebration with this recognition of the limitless potentials called moments, our ability as creators to create, and the way we are filled to the brim with star stuff. There was a time when this wasn’t in question. There also came a time when this truth seemed to be forgotten, and continues to be forgotten in the moments of daily life. Perhaps, somewhere, it is still as luminous as ever. How would you know? How might I find out?

The depth of this vastness is beyond my comprehension or my ability to explain in words. Maybe if I could go back to being an infant, warm, present, and undivided, I would again be that. Am I ever not that Light and vibration? Is it like the sun that gets covered over by clouds but is still there shining? Is there a place where the sun has no shadow? What might that place be like? Is it possible, that it could be here, on Earth?

In brief, and fleeting moments, I feel as though I know: I am not this body, I am not this mind. It can be quite disorienting, but even more painful becomes believing that I am this body and this mind and all that comes along with it – the judgment, doubt, shame, blame, the indecision, fear, anxiety. All those Earthly things. And yet, I am here on Earth. That is a fact. A medial walker, moving between two worlds, the worlds of appearances, of the unmanifest and manifest, the world of invisibility and form.

These worlds, this play, the creators, us – what is the responsibility here? How do we create a sacred space that acknowledges, reveres, and steps into the gracious opportunity to be a co-creator with the Divine? What might that look like? And how, will we know when it’s happening? It cannot just be a one time thing but a choice made again and again and again.

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