Julie MacAdam

Enough, worry and wonder,

what is really happening here?

Contemplation, a sharpened hook for indecision,

aspiration, an angel in disguise,

mental acrobatics dressed in costume,

larger than life and shrinking,

on stilts standing, a balanced point in wanting, what is best, what is right, what is of service to the most high,

thoroughly, thoughtfully, tiredly twisting, turning thoughts in endless consideration,

in proclamation, more information is needed…before…choosing,

that is one way to avert responsibility,

the fear of failure that stops one dead in their tracks,

light is shining straight on,

these patterns illuminated so blindness no longer can cover over,

now the secrets out

there is no doubt that can contain the desire for clarity,

not clarity given, clarity that is chosen,

that comes from stepping off the ferris wheel leading no where, only spinning in circles

what’s the appeal to not moving forward?

that is a choice, to not decide is a half-way point,

a mid-marker that does little to mark or move,

a stand still place where no heat happens,

the fire of transformation demands decisiveness.