During an herbal consultation the focus and intention is supporting your health goals and the process of moving towards them. I offer input based on my education and experience with medicinal herbs as well as nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, and bodymind practices.

In the first consultation, which is anywhere from 1.5-2hrs, we will speak thoroughly of what you hope to receive, your current state of wellness, and where you’d like to see shifts. We comprehensively discuss body systems and mental emotional experiences; the choice of what to disclose or keep personal is always yours. Recommendations are made and follow-up consultations range from 30minutes-1hr. Because I don’t have a fully stocked apothecary some formulas I will be able to make for you; others I may suggest where to purchase them.

Herbal consultations are available via telehealth, phone or in person. Prices range from $75-150 for initial consultation and $35-60 for follow ups. The cost of herbs range from $2-4oz/dry herb (leaves, powders, roots) and $10-14/oz. (tincture)

Together we can:

renegotiate trauma

stabilize mood & mental health

cultivate emotional resilience & stability

support the nervous system

balance digestive issues & tend to gut brain health

deconstruct addiction

foster sound sleep

& more.