What is an herbal consultation?

During an herbal consultation the focus and intention is supporting your health goals and the process of moving towards them. I offer input based on my education and experience with medicinal herbs as well as nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, and bodymind practices.

In the first consultation, which is anywhere from 1.5-2hrs, we will speak thoroughly of what you hope to receive, your current state of wellness, and where you’d like to see shifts. We comprehensively discuss body systems and mental emotional experiences; the choice of what to disclose or keep personal is always yours. Recommendations are made and follow-up consultations range from 30minutes-1hr.

Herbalism for the whole person

What I love about herbalism is the consideration and attention to the way systems of the body interact and function together. The plants create space for healing to happen within and that is my intention as well. In working with others I aim to connect people to themselves, their own kind regard, and to their green community. I draw forward the intelligence of both and together we weave a tapestry of acceptance, transformation, and integration.

I stand with the practice of herbal medicine while understanding its’ complexities and history being tied to both oppression and freedom. I will continue to consider the way I practice as a container for this paradoxical set of circumstances and be mindful and respectful in the best way that I know how.

Herbal consultations are available via telehealth, phone or in person. Prices range from $75-150 for initial consultation and $35-60 for follow ups. The cost of herbs range from $2-4oz/dry herb (leaves, powders, roots) and $10-14/oz. (tincture)

Together we can
  • renegotiate trauma
  • stabilize mood & mental health
  • cultivate emotional resilience & stability
  • support the nervous system
  • balance digestive issues & tend to gut brain health
  • deconstruct addiction
  • foster sound sleep
  • & more.