Why be so afraid of love?

Where are the roots of your fear?

Can you follow them to the start?

Digging to the deepest tendril,

What do you find there?

Do you know this is all you’ve ever wanted?

to be loved and to love, returning limitations five by one, for a free fall into the water, ocean of bliss, is that it?

The root of this fear,

Knowing you must get in, swim, dive to the depths of darkness, to retrieve what is yours.

That pearl of a great price resides on the sea floor, requiring you to be enveloped by a power greater then you could conceive, the force of love is all you need.

It is impossible to stand on the shoreline and receive the ring.

Your commitment depends on your very own exploring.

It’s a total loss of control,

no more questions can stall you now,

to renounce this sense of you and me,

you jump,

merging with the waves,

the current that carries you through terrors wake,

the many forms resistance to love takes,

must be faced and given away.

Look straight at what surfaces in the process of losing yourself.

Who is that that you deem to call you?

Is it true?

Couldn’t it be that everything you have believed, about what you are and how you are meant to be was accepted blindly and all too early, and is, in reality, nothing but false prophecy; love is your essence here to set you free.

That same love you’ve developed ten thousand ways to push away.

That causes the heart to shake, doesn’t it?

Small me,

Wrong me,

Bad me,

Poor me,

Me, me, look at me,

Excuses that limit infinity.

Yes, you, are, that big.

And that is what is asked of you, to shine on like a diamond, unlocking chains that confine, love from dancing with itself outside of the lines.

Is that what is frightening?

Those moments when “you” disappear?

If only you could see with clarity what becomes of your pain then,

you might be blinded by such light rather then darkness,

you might be consumed by fire,

flames that transform,

and dismantle locks at the doors of your heart.

Love, asks of your everything

and gives to you eternity.

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