Julie MacAdam


This work is an offering of what I believe can transform lives – experiencing peace with living in a body and all that emerges therein, tending our personal and collective woundedness with loveliness and care, embracing other ways of knowing and being, and recognizing of our innate embeddedness to each other, our kin, and this earth.

Do you experience…

  • feeling disconnected from yourself or others
  • difficulties in relationship & maintaining a sense of yourself, your needs, wants & desires
  • feelings of isolation or a lack of belonging
  • low self-esteem or a lack of worth
  • disconnection from your body or creativity
  • feelings of being stuck in life, patterns of behavior, jobs, or relationships
  • anxiety or depression
  • senses of urgency  
  • perpetual stress or feelings of being unsettled
  • the sense of knowing what’s happening with a lack of accompanying changes 
  • challenges getting out of your own head, repetitive thoughts
  • being wired and tired
  • nightmares & sleep disturbances
  • traumatic retentions that show up as muscle tension, digestive issues, psychoemotional symptoms 

If so, let’s connect.

Gain insight into your life’s challenges and understand yourself honestly through creating or building upon a relationship with your dreams.

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Learn tools to stay regulated in your nervous system, present in your body, and meet all that life has to offer with choice, sovereignty, and resourcefulness.

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Allow the creative process to support your discovery, transformation, and continued emergence. No artistic experience is needed.

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