In my life I have been blessed with many teachers, mentors, and passerby’s that influenced how I currently practice and the person I have become. By no means can this list of my studies and experiences encompass all of those people, and still, I will try. It is with deep gratitude to my beloved parents and family for the endless support and belief in my development and for making many of these experiences possible.

Yoga Studies

Kripalu School of Yoga, Stockbridge, MA, 200hr YTT

Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas, Yoga 1, 2 & 3, pranayam studies

Yasodhara Ashram, Kootenay Bay, BC, 3 month yoga development course & hatha certification

Herbal Studies

Herb Pharm, Williams, OR, herbal apprenticeship

Thyme Herbal, Amherst, MA, herbal apprenticeship

Goldthread, Conway, MA, herbal apprenticeship

Vermont Center of Integrative Herbalism, Montpelier, VT, three year clinical training program

Current Enrollments

Somatic Experiencing, online, three year professional training program

Tamalpa, online, movement-based expressive arts therapy