Julie MacAdam


What kind of yoga is this?

The yoga I offer is deeply informed by Yasodhara Ashram and the teachings of Swami Radha. Yoga is seen and respected as not solely a physical practice, but also a symbolic, metaphorical, and psychological discovery. We use the body as a way to be in touch with feelings, stories, life material, and what’s happening now. We move energy. We breathe, treating the body with respect and care. We listen to and follow curiosity and insight. We engender confidence, awareness, and a strong foundation from which to stand on and off the mat.

What will our time together Be like?

This way of teaching and learning is gentle and regards the body as a place of intelligence. It trusts the timing and pace of the student, their consciousness, and the teachings themselves. Directions are simple and precise, making room for personal experience and discovery.

Sessions go beyond the physical practice and also include breathing exercises, meditation instruction, and other aspects of the Yogic path. If you have experience with Yoga and want to go deeper or are new to the practice and want to start, private sessions may be supportive to taking the next step.

Prices range from $85-120/session. Sessions are 55 minutes. Shorter or longer sessions can be requested.

Together we can:

Develop a routine that meets you where you are & supports what you’d like to learn

Increase flexibility on and off the mat 

Learn classical yoga postures and their proper alignment

Use the practice of self-reflection & postures as symbols to give the body a voice

Engage with various breathing techniques for energizing and relaxing

Deepen embodied awareness

Expand presence and ease

Understand the fundamentals of meditation practices 

“I have really enjoyed yoga classes with Julie. Her experience and devotion is very present, almost tangible. It is not just a physical exercise for the body, it is refreshment for the soul.”

Elina, Latvia