Julie MacAdam

Start with gratitude

What is in that creates a space for connection? Is it not the space itself that breeds a longing, a desire to reach out, to touch and be touched, to re-affirm what already was, is, and will be? I see in myself that there are parts of me that wish to connect, and there are […]

In a field beyond

She, she wants to be loved, wants to be seen, to be included. She longs for arms to wrap around her so she may disappear into a full embrace and find what forgetting feels like, she wants to know that feeling in her bones…she already does. She knows how to forget and how to remember. […]


Reverence: a state of holding high regard for something or someone. How can we bring into our practice a connection to this type of elated respect…for our bodies, for our minds, for our beings? That way, we don’t get on the mat with the intent to “fix” something, to “accomplish” a goal, meet the “challenge” […]

When I pray / Devotion

The joy that lives in our hearts, how do we go about contacting that place? That place of bigness where separation ceases to exist. When I am there I feel the quality of boundlessness, a spilling over, an overflow of something that celebrates. That says yes, I love! It is undeniable when it comes forth […]

Folding Forward

Forward Fold In my own humility, I curl around myself. Standing upright on my own two feet, feeling the lift, feeling a sense of strength: I release unnecessary effort and strain. I lower my mind beneath my heart and come closer towards my center; where my two halves come together and meet. I am standing, […]