To teach and learn

I can remember back to one of my first Yoga classes in a studio apartment of my teacher. There was a candle lit, only a few of us in class; those same few that got together for chanting and meditating together. The studio was by a schoolyard, in a relatively quiet place and it had […]

Body Story

The body, what abides there? What does it have to offer? To teach? And what do we, as inhabitants, have to learn? What type of relationship with this vessel do we want to cultivate? Take a moment and see what’s happening in your body right now. Either close the eyes or keep them open; your […]

Reflections on Lotus

Before entering into lotus pose I feel a stirring, a movement, a restlessness; wondering, what will come next? Will I blossom? Will I find fulfillment in my life and be able to give back? What purpose am I here for? This Divine Plan that I am a part of – whats going to come of […]

The Depth of Asana

Yoga, a path with depth encouraging us to renounce limitations, is a noble path to embark upon. Where do we begin? Many of us start this journey learning the basic postures as a way to address the physical body, improving flexibility and strength. Others might look for tools to calm the mind, reduce worry and […]

Creating Sacred Space

The Earth is sacred, alive, our Mother. Our bodies, a temple for the Divine to experience this life. All our relations whether they walk or fly or slither are embedded with the sacred, are mirror images of oneness having divided itself for the sake of playing, learning, evolution. How often is this remembered? How easy […]