Enough, worry and wonder, what is really happening here? Contemplation, a sharpened hook for indecision, aspiration, an angel in disguise, mental acrobatics dressed in costume, larger than life and shrinking, on stilts standing, a balanced point in wanting, what is best, what is right, what is of service to the most high, thoroughly, thoughtfully, tiredly […]

No longer buying

After showering with spiders, she slips into a red gown, given to her by the hands of an empowered woman, a woman who creates her own world, who slays her sword, arrow in hand, the fighter of her own battle. She drops old stories like petals of flowers with false hopes, letting them go, such […]

Bride of the water

She dives into the sea, surrounded, by a rhythm that knows itself, and celebrates her in being a bride of the water, the one who wears her own ring, a pearl of longing, developed in darkness, in the deep, almost out of reach, until it emerges, polished. She wears it proudly, honoring the promise, to […]

Paper plates

Paper plates don’t break the same way as glass they don’t shatter into pieces and fall apart scattered on wooden floors separated and detached where was I then when it all dropped? Paper plates are thrown away put into compost piles heating up to be transformed churning, turning, mixed together in chaotic fashion that doesn’t […]

Fish – Matsyasana

Fish pose, evocative by name, brings to my mind fishes of all kinds, and the fishermen with poles in hand and lines casted out. I am reminded of summer time; times by the ocean in Maine where I would watch people sitting on the jetty rocks for hours waiting for what might bite the bait. […]